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ATFlatToolbar is component which creates row of ATButton's on it, this looks like toolbar.

It don't support creating toolbar in IDE design time. You need to call methods:

  • AddButton: to add usual button (with caption or not)
  • AddDropdown: to add button with attached drop-down menu
  • AddChoice: to add button which acts like a combobox, with Items and ItemIndex
  • AddSep: to add button which looks like "|" separator line
  • UpdateControls: this updates buttons placement, you must call it after changes (also after ImageList size is changed)

atbuttonstoolbar demo.png

  • Use props ButtonCount and Buttons[i] to get ATButton's from component.
  • Use Buttons[i].Free to delete buttons.
  • Use prop Vertical for make vertical layout.

Author: Alexey Torgashin


MPL 2.0 or LGPL.


Homepage at github is


Lazarus: 1.4.0.

Tested on: Win32 (Windows 7), Linux GTK2 / QT (Ubuntu 14.04), macOS (10.8).