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Although the Lazarus and the Free Pascal team will do their best to safeguard any personal data we collect, we cannot guarantee your privacy.

The Lazarus and Free Pascal community will ask for some information when you become a registered user, and for some more information when you become a contributor. We may also collect statistical information regarding your frequency of use of (articles within) the forum, the bug tracker and the wiki. Additionally, we make use of statistical services by Sourceforge and Berlios, as well as regular Apache logging. Unless required for legal reasons, any data that can be traced to individuals that is collected by these tools will not be distributed by us. We may however distribute aggregated, non-personnally identifiable information.

All this information is collected solely for use by the Lazarus and Free Pascal teams, to help improve our quality. We will not provide other parties with your information unless we have acquired your specific consent for this. We will not send unsolicited mails to our users unless there is important information that affects the use of our website and services.