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Part of GradControls. TGradPageControl is a TCustomControl descendant. This TGradPageControl should be like or better than the normal TPageControl.

Current Version: 0.1 - unstable



  • TGradDrawer (different Drawings with ThemeSupport, one Theme can works with all Drawer)
  • Long Tabs on Right / Left Side
  • Events of all SubComponents
  • Close Buttons on Tabs
  • Glyphs on Tabs or using ImageList with ImageIndex
  • Scroll to Tab (if this Tab is not Displayed)
  • Tabs-List PopupMenu (Popup on the Scroll-Buttons)
  • PopupMenu Properties for each Page / Tab
  • Change the way how to order the scrollbuttons (Left, Tabs, Right OR Left,Right, Tabs or Tabs, Left,Right)
  • TGradTabControl
  • If Compiled the Pages are in the wrong Order as they are at the Designer

Control during DesignTime

  • Click on TabButtons
  • ImageList, set ImageIndex
  • Click on Page at the Object-Inspector and the Page should be selected at the Control, like TPageControl - Pages


  • Move Tabs with Drag'N'Drop
  • Active Page with MouseWheel
  • Theme Selection (if TGradDrawer works)
  • Theme Creator
  • Use Forms as Pages
  • Close Tabs with Mouse-Middle-Button
  • Toggle the Page, only the Tab-Buttons are always shown
  • Not all Demos in one, foreach Demo a seperate Page/Form


coming soon


Eugen Bolz