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Split out installation page

I agree with Mischi below. Installation instructions should not be part of a programming tips apage.

Suggest deduplicating it. --BigChimp 12:35, 24 November 2013 (CET)

Older content

Hi folks,

I think that this page needs some reworking regarding all installation topics, because of 2 points.

1) In my opinion describing installation of what ever is not what I would expect under the topic Programming Tips in the first place. However, the description of installing stuff is a large part of this page.

2) There is already a page "Installing_Lazarus_on_MacOS_X". Quite a bit of the stuff here is a duplicate (in parts actually incomplete), at least in topic. Most of the additional stuff about installation on this page could possibly be moved to the other page.

So, my suggestion is to

1) add a link and move/merge as much as possible about installing stuff from this page to the other page.

2) create a new page "Installing_FreePascal_on_MacOS_X" similar to the lazarus one and just keep a link here.

Another point is the large section at the top of the page with links to other topics. I think they are of minor importance to the topic of this page and should be moved to the bottom of this page.

I somewhat hesitate to make such a large reorganization, because it means quite some work for me as well as i have not received any feedback and I do not want to invest time and effort in vane. --Mischi 11:30, 9 November 2011 (CET)