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Game Development

Castle Game Engine is a cross-platform 3D and 2D game engine.

  • The engine can be used to compile desktop (Linux, Windows, macOS), mobile (Android, iOS) and consoles (Nintendo Switch) games.
  • Many graphic effects are available: physically-based rendering, shadows, mirrors, bump mapping, shader effects, gamma correction. Rendering is done through OpenGL or OpenGLES.
  • The user interface is cross-platform and supports anchors and automatic scaling.

The engine is open-source. The engine may be used under GNU LGPL with "static linking exception", just like FPC RTL and Lazarus LCL. So you can make both open- and closed-source games.


glTF 3D scene with outlines:

castle game engine scene outlines.png

Using gizmo to design 2D game:

castle game engine gizmo2d.png

"Escape from the Universe" game localized to Japanese:

castle game engine japanese game.jpg

Strategy game, using Tiled to design maps:

castle game engine strategy game.png

3rd-person camera demo:

castle game engine third person camera.png

3D model browser in Lazarus:

kambi vrml browser.jpg

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