Detailed Lazarus 0.9.22 todo

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Bugs to be fixed

Things that need to be fixed before tagging:

Building release

  • win32 (Vincent)
  • source (Mattias)
  • linux source rpm (Mattias)
  • linux i386 rpm (Mattias)
  • linux i386 deb (Mattias)
  • linux x86_64 rpm (Vincent)
  • Mac OS X powerpc (Vincent)


  • List of changes (Mattias)
  • Mailing lists (Mattias)
  • News item on (Vincent)
  • Sourceforge (Mattias)
  • Freshmeat (Vincent)
  • Wiki: downloading, installation, getting source hints (Mattias)
  • Change IRC topic (Marc)
  • New versions in Mantis (Marc)


  • Relax (all)
  • Plan next release