FreeBSD specific Release Engineering

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scripts using sh instead of bash

(originally by Andres K. Foerster)

Current scripts: samplecfg/* known scripts not affected: makepack (no chance of running on a TARGET computer)

The script sometimes uses one "=" and sometimes two "==" for comparisions. The /bin/sh of FreeBSD accepts just one "=" in comparisions. See test(1). or sometimes the "x" trick works: if [ "x$something" = "xsomething" ] ...

"echo -n" is supported in the shell of FreeBSD, but it's not standard. You could use "printf" instead of "echo -n". That seems more standardized.

Also the tar parameter "--directory" is a extension of GNU-tar. You could use "-C" instead of "--directory", but be careful with that. It seems "-C" is implemented differently. (My FreeBSD still comes with GNU tar, but I've heard that they switch to their own version of tar... I'll have a look at it.)

That's all as far as I can see. Then you can use "#!/bin/sh".

(Marco van de Voort:)

  • Also test using BSD sed and tar from time to time. (some sed constructs are already replaced by awk)
  • In case of bash use #!/usr/bin/env bash NEVER hardcode the shell path!

The documentation currently generates the PDF docs with a directory in the .tar.gz, which doesn't play nice with FreeBSD hierarchy. Moreover, to workaround this on Linux, they use gnu tar specific options (--directory).

So every release the following changes are made: - the docs are repacked without the directory - the --directory option is removed from the doc tar x line in the script

notes from recent packaging

  • synced all ELF ABI tag versions to make it easier to patch with the i386/ script.
  • FreeBSD 8.2 bsdtar seems to understand --strip fine.
  • See sometimes "grab_vcsa" missing error.
  • debugger of 9.0/i386 gave funny results/output. Constantly gave "errorcode=0 3 hidden steps" msgs.
  • newer freebsd seems to have a kiconv. Maybe the RTL should use kiconv instead of iconv. If only because the iconv package has a dependency on perl 5.

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