IDE Window: Local Variables

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You must setup the debugger and start the project to debug it. Only then this window will be useful.

Local variables


This is the list of the local variables and its current values of the current function/procedure.

Data displayed

The mangled name of the variable. Normally the compiler converts pascal identifier to uppercase. You will see local variables only if the procedure was compiled with debugging information.
The current value of the local variable.

Note: The values are shown in a very basic form. e.g Objects are shown as pointer, instead of structure. You may get more information by adding a variable to the watch list

Scope (Stackframe, Thread, History)

The values are evaluated according to the scope set in the Thread and Stack dialog. Default is the current Thread and top stack frame. Both (Stack and Frame) dialog offer to change the "current" Frame/Thread. The watch window will follow this selection.

It is also possible to select previously displayed values, using the History dialog.

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