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Light bulb  Note: Description of old version Menu Editor you can see (and edit) at discussion page


"Menu editor" is dialog which allows to customize contents of menus: TMainMenu, TPopupMenu.


Preview area

This area shows preview of menu designed. For TMainMenu it shows horizontal band with top-level items, for TPopupMenu it shows vertical band (more vertical bands shown for each submenu). Clickable labels:

  • "Add menu item" to add item. This label is shown when the last item of menu is selected (in TPopupMenu - bottom item).
  • "Add submenu" to add child submenu.

To edit properties of an item, click it on preview, then call Object Inspector. Or you can skip using OI, instead use right-click on each item.

Action buttons

Buttons with icons peform these actions:

  • icons "long arrows": Move selected item up/down (or left/right in TMainMenu top level).
  • icons "plus with line": Add separator item above/below selected item. Disabled for TMainMenu top level.
  • icon "minus": Delete selected item.
  • icons "plus with 1 arrow": Add item before/after selected item (and select it).
  • icon "plus with 2 arrows": Add submenu for selected item (and select its first item).

Icons are different for TMainMenu top level (since items here are arranged horizontally).