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The message window contains the compiler messages. It can also contain codetools messages, or linker errors, etc..

When compiling you can see a lot of changes in this window, and many messages do not stay and are replaced. The IDE parses the messages and filters the less important progress messages. These messages are hidden and are available via the popup menu via the right mouse button.

Click on a message to jump to the position in the source editor. You can set whether a double click jumps or a single click in Environment -> Environment Options -> Desktop -> Dobule click on messages jumps.

Popup menu


Remove all messages.

Copy selected messages to clipboard

Copy all selected lines to the clipboard.

Copy all messages to clipboard

Copy all shown messages to the clipboard.

Copy all and hidden messages to clipboard

Copy all messages to the clipboard including those not shown.


Show Help for the current message.

Save all messages to file

Opens a save dialog to choose a filename and save all messages including the hidden messages.