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LazBarcodes is a set of controls to create 1D and 2D barcodes. The backend engine is a port of Zint at sourceforge.

Currently it supports the generation of 2D barcodes :

Tbarcodeqr.png QR Code [1]

Tbarcodemicroqr.png MicroQR [2]

Tbarcodeaztec.png Aztec Code [3]

Tbarcodeaztecrune.png Aztec Rune [4]

Tbarcodedatamatrix.png DataMatrix [5]

The download contains the packages "lazbarcodes" and "lazbarcodes_runtimeonly". The first one gives you visual components of the above barcodes and the second can be used just to access the ported zint code for advanced barcode generation.


  • None by now.


2011 - Jose Mejuto


BSD 3 as it is being inherited from the zint source code.


The latest source code can be found on Lazarus-CCR

Change Log

  • v1.0.3: Internally used units renamed to avoid naming conflict with CodeTyphon package PL_APE.
  • v1.0.2: Change of license from GPL to BSD
  • Initial development.

Dependencies / System Requirements

  • None

Status: In development

Issues: None by now.


  • Step 1: Compile the package "lazbarcodes_runtimeonly".
  • Step 2: Install the package "lazbarcodes".

Final notes

If you need the generation of another barcode and it is present in Zint, please ask for it in the Lazarus forum or mailing lists.