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Other ToDo lists:


Item State Responsible Comments
TPen extension done Paul Allow create pens with custom pattern, set end caps style and style of join
OnExit() handling done Zeljan Trigger OnExit() just like in delphi.
lconvencoding cleanup not done ??? Cleanup lconvencoding of all tprocess and other contraptions, now that 2.2.4 is released with iconvenc.
win32extra cleanup done ??? win32extra was nearly completely merged into FPC headers just after the 2.2.2 release. Now that 2.2.4 is out this must be cleaned up.
lconvencoding win32 impl. not done ??? lconvencoding still shows a warning that it is missing a win32/wine/reactos implementation


Item State Responsible Comments
Project icon done Paul
Integrate Jedi Code Formatter partly implement Paul options editing is not available in the ide
Frames done Mattias
Gtk2 done Mattias
Conditional compiler options not implemented Mattias
Redesign ide options dialogs done Paul Merge Environment, Editor, CodeTools and Debugger options into one dialog with tree
Improve chm help integration partialy implemented Vincent Create chm help files, improve lhelp + htmlviewer performance with large tables, set good defaults in Lazarus, enable lhelp as default html viewer, add http getter to lhelp, package IDE wiki help in chms



Item State Responsible Comments


Item State Responsible Comments


Item State Responsible Comments


Item State Responsible Comments
Integrate MDI into LCL partialy implemented Zeljan Give to LCL full control over qt MDISubwindow widgets, it fixes #11298.


Item State Responsible Comments