Lazarus revolution

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EDIT SOON. Promotion of Lazarus/FPC and Object Pascal. There'll be a list of apps written in Lazarus+ maybe OS/Distros.

Our reflexions came up with following conclusions:

Of course the development of the compiler and RAD IDE is a priority. Getting a bigger community would help to complete that goal. The main problem is that the FPC/Lazarus is not supported by any corporation.

Getting interest in the project could be achieved trought some other projects.

A Pascal based OS and/or distro.

Existing Pascal cores:

- FPOS [1]

- Toro [2]

A kind of "killer" application: a stunning, impressive application:

- DiagKWP : car diagnostics programm [3]

- Wiper that needs no external library [4]

- Blue marble, earth by night


[5] Related topic in the forum.