Migration to mantis

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The FPC bug repository will be migrated to mantis. This page collects the necessary steps to do so.

The current FPC bug db has the following fields with the given mapping:

BugId int(11) => custom field old bug id

Title varchar(128) default NULL => Summary

Name varchar(80) => additional information

Email varchar(80) => additional information

AddDate date => date submitted

FixDate date => last updated/entry in mantis_bug_history_table

Fixer varchar(80) => Fixer account/entry in mantis_bug_history_table

FixVersion varchar(30) >= Fixed in Version

Category tinyint(4) => Category

Descr => description

Prog text => program upload

Status` enum('Unfixed','Fixed','Unreproducable','Not a bug') Fixed => Resolved/Closed; Unfixed => New; Unreproducable => Comment/Closed; Not a bug => Comment/Closed

Alternatively, use a combination of status and resolution: Fixed => Closed / Fixed; Unfixed => New / Open; Unrepoducable => Closed / Unable to reproduce; Not a bug => Closed / No change required. Vincent 00:40, 17 May 2006 (CEST)

BugVersion varchar(8) => Product version

bugtype tinyint(4) => Severity

`comment` text

os varchar(10)