New Lazarus Icon Proposals

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There is a proposal to have a new icon for Lazarus. Below the options will be presented. feel free to add any new proposal if you find it necessary:

Proposal 1:

Component icon (blue version)

New icon dock.png

Component icon (orange version)

New icon dock orange.png

Cheetah icon

Old icon dock.png

Comparisions of the icons

All icons in 16x16 on Windows:


Proposal 2: BPsoftware

In my idea, each file extension should have a different icon, because an icon should represent what the extension of that file is. Already since the beginning of when I started using this project the .lpi and .lpr files always had the same icon, leading me always to confusion.

Lazarus-icons-lazarus-proposal-bpsoftware.png lazarus.exe - Lazarus itself

Lazarus-icons-lpr-proposal-bpsoftware.png .lpr - Lazarus project

Lazarus-icons-lpi-proposal-bpsoftware.png .lpi - Lazarus

48px .lfm - Lazarus form

Lazarus-icons-lpk-proposal-bpsoftware.png .lpk - Lazarus package

Lazarus-icons-pas-proposal-bpsoftware.png .pas - Unit file

48px .inc - Include file

Lazarus-icons-exe-proposal-bpsoftware.png .exe - Generated exe file from lazarus (default project)