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Voici une liste de tâches ouvertes dans FPC.

There is a special page about the Systems 2005 fair in Munich, October 2005, regarding topics discussed between the FPC and Lazarus core developers.

Développement du compilateur

  • Document the compiler
  • SSA framework
  • Instruction scheduler
  • Rework exception handling to "gcc style"
  • OS-X 64 bit PowerPC port
  • Port the m68k code generator to 2.1.x: M68k port
  • Create a MIPS code generator for 2.1.x: MIPS port
  • For missing language constructs, see: Language related articles
  • Package support and dynamic library handling in general (partially language, but has a lot of implications)
  • (more) DWARF debugformat support. This might cut back the size of binaries with debuginfo
  • debug {$packrecord C} with regard to 16 and 64-bit sizes.
  • leafnode stackframereduction (and auto inlining?)
  • improve PowerPC port:
    • improve AIX abi-compatibility (e.g., we don't pass records as the AIX abi prescribes)
    • improve the PPC-optimizer (only a peephole optimizer available)
  • improve ARM port:
    • create a ARM-optimizer
    • optimize helper routines some can use libgcc if linked against libc
    • optimize concatcopy code generation
    • optimize set operations
  • improve SPARC port
    • fix code generator internal bugs
    • write code optimizer
    • improve RTL implementation
  • provide localization to other languages

Information about compiler development can be found here: Compiler development articles

RTL development

  • port the 1.0.10 BeOS port to 2.1.x: BeOS port
  • port the 1.0.6/1.0.10 SunOS port to 2.1.x: SunOS port (combine with Sparc port)
  • port the 1.0.6/1.0.10 QNX port to 2.1.x: QNX port
  • Implement crossplatform 64-bit fileroutines
  • ARM port and RTL more userfriendly. (need users/contributors/betatesters first)
  • improve MacOS X rtl:
    • Port the missing RTL units (mainly text console handling)
    • Create a Mac OS X installer package definition
    • Try to create some kind of plug-in so the compiler can be called from XCode and Project Builder
    • Run the test suite and fix bugs
    • Replace as many of my handwritten assembler routines with calls to libc versions, as Apple is much better at writing fast ppc assembler code than I am. Do the same for the generic math routines.
    • Support the Apple dialect so we can use the Universal Interfaces
    • Finish Classic Mac OS support
  • create a WinCE rtl: WinCE port

FCL development

  • New classes
  • debug classes
  • more database support and abstraction

FVISION development

  • getting it fully up to speed and compatible with TV
  • endianness and 64-bit clean work.

IDE development

  • The text mode IDE needs currently a maintainer, have a look at this page for more information: Textmode IDE development
  • there are a lot of bugs to fix, have a look at the bug repository:
  • get it working with FVISION
  • Related to this is debugging the platform dependant parts, the former "API" (video, mouse,keyboard). Help from platform maintainers can be expected. (more about isolating bugs than solving in these units)
  • DWARF support for the IDE


  • we can nearly always use more demoes.