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The PascalSCADA package is a set of components for Delphi/Lazarus to make easy the development of industrial applications which need to interact with PLC's and devices of many manufactures. It is available for Windows(32 and 64 bits), Linux (32 and 64 bits), macOS, Solaris and FreeBSD (32 bits) and provides port drivers (serial, ethernet), protocol drivers (Modbus RTU, ModBus TCP, West ASCII, Ibox and Siemens ISOTCP), tags (numeric, string, block) and controls (edit, labels, progressbar, animations). Historics, recipes and User management will be coming soon.

Web Page

PascalSCADA Home 1
PascalSCADA Home 2
PascalSCADA Wiki
PascalSCADA Blog - Deprecated
PascalSCADA at Sourceforge


Fabio Luis Girardi




The best way to download PascalSCDA is to use OPM (Online Package Manager) from Lazarus. There you search for PascalSCADA and install automatically with the required packages.

Ancient Version: PascalSCADA 0.7.2


Available components are stable in version 0.7.2, but due it include a old copy of ZeosLib, the installation is broken with Lazarus 1.0. To solve this, see the [PascalSCADA FAQ] to install it. See the NOTES file for more information.