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The font of text. Ancestor of classes like TWidgetFont;



  • TObject
  • TPersistent
  • TVirtualPersistent
  • TNullInterfacedPersistent
  • TLinkedPersistent
  • TLinkedOptionalPersistent
  • TFont



You can specify the Color of the text and it's background color. If you can select text on the widget (for example at TMemoEdit), you can also sepcify the Color of the selected text and it's background color.

msegui font colors.png


Specifys the distance between the lines; accept negative values too.

msegui font extraspace.png

Gloss and Shadow

Gloss and shadow both duplicate the character and move the copy the specified number of pixels. By default gloss is left and over the original character, and shadow is right and below it. If you habe both, gloss and shadow, the "layer" of gloss is over the layer of shadow. The top layer is always the original character.

If the widget is grayed (enabled = false or textflags = [tf_grayed]), neither gloss nor shadow is visible.

msegui font gloss shadow.png

property Shadow_Solor: colorty default cl_none;
property Shadow_ShiftX: integer default 1;
property Shadow_ShiftY: integer default 1;

property Gloss_Color: colorty cl_none;
property Gloss_ShiftX: integer -1;
property Gloss_ShiftY: integer -1;

Height, Width and XScale

The propterty Height defines the size of the font in pixels. To define the horizontal stretching of the font you can use Width or XScale. Width defines the average char width in 1/10 pixels, so it's indepently of the height - if you change the height, the relations of width to height changes too.

With the usage of xscale then ratio of width to height stays constant if you're changing height. If the XScale is 1, Width is used, with all other values of XScale XScale is used.

msegui font xscale.png

property Height: integer;
property Width: integer;  //avg. character width in 1/10 pixel, 0 = default
property xscale: real;//default 1.0


You can specify how the Font looks like if the widget is grayed (e.g. enabled = false).

msegui font grayed.png

property grayed_color: colorty; //default cl_grayed
property grayed_colorshadow: colorty; //default cl_grayedshadow
property grayed_shiftx: integer default 1;
property grayed_shifty: integer default 1;

Template and LocalProps

You can assign Template to a TFontComp-instance to take the font settings of this non-visual component.

If a special property of TFont should not specified by Template but the local TFont-settings, use LocalProps to except this property of template settings for this widget. Note, that at design time always the local settings are applied, and at runtime only if LocalProps is set correctly (not sure if a bug or a feature...).

fontlocalpropty = (
fontlocalpropsty = set of fontlocalpropty;

property LocalProps: fontlocalpropsty; 
property Template: TFontComp;


You can't combine all options. There are 3 group who are mutually exclusive:

  • foo_fixed and foo_proportional
  • foo_helvetica, foo_roman, foo_script and foo_decorative
  • foo_antialiased, foo_antialiased2 and foo_nonantialiased

msegui font options.png

msegui font antialiased.png

fontoptionty = (foo_fixed,            // 'p'
                 foo_proportional,     // 'P'
                 foo_helvetica,        // 'H'
                 foo_roman,            // 'R'
                 foo_script,           // 'S'
                 foo_decorative,       // 'D'
                 foo_antialiased,      // 'A' 
                 foo_antialiased2,     // 'B' cleartype on windows
                 foo_nonantialiased    // 'a'
fontoptionsty = set of fontoptionty;

property Options: fontoptionsty;


The Styles of the font.

If you use fs_italic with TLabel (perhaps other widgets too), the last char may be cropped; You can remove ow1_autowidth of OptionsWidget1 and size the widget manually. Der better way is to enlarge Frame.Framei_right.

msegui font styles.png

fontstylety = (fs_bold, fs_italic, fs_underline, fs_strikeout, fs_selected, fs_blank, fs_force);
fontstylesty = set of fontstylety;

property Style: fontstylesty default [];



With the Method Scale you can change Height and Width simultaneously.

procedure Scale(const ascale: real); virtual;



Fired, when a propoerty changes.

property OnChange: notifyeventty;

known issues

issues of the class

  • fs_italic needs with TLabel (may be other widgets too) manually extension of Width or enlarging of Frame.framei_right.

issues of this documentation

Feel free to add your points here.

  • What does Font.Styles fs_force ? (Answered on MailingList, but answer not integrated here)