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Forum Asked Questions

Don't show horizontal bar

Q: I started to work with richmemo but don't show me horizontal bar only vertical bar even i typing or loadfile, in properties i select SSboth on srcollbars.
A: Horizontal scroll bar might not show up if WordWrap is enabled.

Add text with font

Q: how i can add text or line richmemo with font or textstyle?
A: The fastest way is to use RichUtilsUtils which comes with RichMemo and call InsertFontText function
uses ... RichUtilsUtils ..


  prms : TFontParams;
  prms := GetFontParams(RichMemo1.Font);
  prms.Color := clBlue;
  prms.Style := [fsBold];
  // this adds the blue and bolded Hello World at the end of the richmemo
  // it's possible to pass the 4th parameter to the function to specify 
  // where the text should be added. By default - at the end.
  InsertFontText(RichMemo1,'hello world', prms);
RichMemo's base API has the action of inserting the text and applying the style separated.

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