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これは、SynEdit 1.3をベースとして開発され、沢山の拡張が加えられました。たとえば、UTF-8サポートや、コードフォールディングなどが加えられています。


lazarusのSynEditはビルトインパッケージです。なぜなら、IDEはSynEditそのものを使うからです。それで、.lpkファイルが無いのです。 このコンポーネントは、コンポーネントパレットの'SynEdit' ページにあります。


SynEditを使った例が lazarus/examples/synedit1.lpi にあります。


  • RTL (right-to-left): started by Mazen
  • automatic monospace font selection: At the moment SynEdit starts with a font 'courier'. But it would be better, if SynEdit would start with a monospace font (meaning: every character has the same width). At the moment the LCL TFont does not provide such a property. At the moment the user has to choose the right font.
  • automatic UTF-8 font selection: Same as above monospace, but also with an UTF-8 font, so that for example umlaute are shown correctly. At the moment the user has to choose the right font.
  • Dead keys. Most keyboards support typing two or more keys to create one special character (like accented or umlaut characters).
  • Redesign of the SynEdit component. The primary goal is more reliable display and navigation in the text. A more modular approach also allows for better integration of extensions, and for specialized controls, for use outside of Lazarus.