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Note: A list of macOS items, native code techniques etc to document in the Mac Portal

Trev's Mac Portal ToDo List


In progress


  • UNUserNotificationCenter notification for Big Sur [stalled]
  • AVPlayer - AVKit and AVFoundation Movie Player [stalled]

To do

  • Retrieving file attributes
  • Alain's AudioQueue example
  • AVSpeechSynthesizer
  • NSFileManager
  • 64 bit Global HotKey (Carbon units needed - see MacPortalToDo.txt)
  • Screenshot (see MacPortalToDo.txt)
  • File System Events + packages/univint/src/FSEvents.pas
  • Preventing Insecure Network Connections
  • NSRegularExpression article
  • macoS versions and missing features in older versions page (see this page section for the approach.