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I want to question the necessity of this page. To keep it complete and up to date would be a lot of work. In addition, my experience on Mac OS X is that the snapshots are usable most of the time and it had only been a problem in the recent past.

I have the impression that this page started out from this difficult situation, but most of the time it will not be needed. At least for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X one can simply check the snapshot pages for recent builds.

If this is different for other platforms, I suggest to limit the page to these platforms and refer to the snapshots for the other platforms.

My experience with Windows CE is the opposite, few revisions work correctly. There is no need to assign someone to maintain the page. People that use this page can do it naturally. There is no problem if it doesn´t get updated in a while. --Sekelsenmat 03:12, 16 November 2006 (CET)
Snapshots do not tell everything. They just tell that at a particular time during the day (or night), a package could be made (and they don't have particular revision, just a date). Further, recently the compiler and (even) lazarus could be built without errors, but lazarus could not be started because of a bug in the RTTI handling. Vincent 09:20, 17 November 2006 (CET)