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Kamouflage - my first Lazarus proggy.

I am Delphi professional for the last 7 years. Recently, I have started using Linux at my home computer and found Lazarus to be similar to my work enviroment - delphi. Problem is that I didn't had time to do anything but regular work which I do for more than 12 hours a day.

Anyways, new company policies restricted attachments to images only, so I had no means to send anything to myself or other which is not an image (blocked all sites too). Then, I decided to make something to enable me just that.

Kamouflage is compressing selected file and attaching it to the selected image file enabling it to pass over attachment security measures. Since it is attaching it after the end of image file, doubleclicking image opens it, with no suspicions that something lies beneath. Since I use just 8 bytes to define properties of the attached file, embedding it into image does not ruins it's quality. Actually, it is unnoticable.

Download from: Download page

It contains compiled binaries for W32, Linux and source files.