AVR Embedded Tutorials

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AVR embedded tutorials

This is an overview of tutorials for programming AVR microcontrollers with Free Pascal and Lazarus. This includes various ATtiny and ATmega microcontrollers. Most of the examples also run on an Arduino with an ATmega; especially the Uno/Nano. The Arduino-Mega can also be programmed. Basically, all AVR microcontrollers are programmed more or less the same way. Usually only the registers differ a little.

Set up cross compiler/IDE

Building the cross compiler and setting up the Lazarus IDE:

AVR programming examples

AVR tutorials




  • UART - Serial input and output via UART (COM port).
  • SPI - Use of the hardware SPI interface with an ATmega328 / Arduino.
  • SPI slave - Use SPI as a slave.
  • I²C / TWI - Communication with I²C / TWI, hardware controlled.
  • Software I²C/TWI - Communication with I²C / TWI, software controlled.

External modules

See also

  • AVR - Cross compiler with make
  • AVR Programming - Important basics and special features for programming AVR Embedded/Arduino
  • Arduino - Communication with an Arduino
  • ARM Embedded Tutorials - Tutorials for ARM Embedded/STM32 and Raspberry Pi Pico/RP2040.