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An array is a type that groups a number of variables of the same type (such as an array of char, integer, real or any other type including user defined types). Different types of variables cannot be grouped into an array. For this purpose, see records.

The declaration works as for simple types adding number & basic type.

The simplest way is as follows:

  variablename: array [startindex..endindex] of type;

simple example:

  simple_integer_array = array [1..10] of integer;
  Nmbers: simple_integer_array;

complex example:

  more_complex_array = array [0..5,1..3] of extended;
  specialmatrix: more_complex_array;

Arrays reflect the mathematics concept of vectors (one-dimensional array) and matrices (two-dimensional array). multidimensional array are supported such as [x..y,z..t] and so on. To call a variable you have to put the name of the array and the position a[1..3] and you can use it as a simple variable, but if you want to use parameters you MUST use a structure because else it will cause errors or bugs... (I do not understand, what is meant here).

If it is not possible to know the number of elements at the time of the program compilation, the dynamic array type can be used.