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The reserved word begin marks the start of the definition of the executable portion of a block. In conjunction with end it is also used to group statements into a so-called “compound statement”.


Note: In Pascal a compound statement does not create a new scope. Only blocks do.

In extended Pascal to begin do starts the definition of the initialization part of a module.

While every begin must have a corresponding end, not all occurrences of end have a corresponding begin.

syntax justification

Lots of programming languages use a pair of single characters to indicate boundaries. Typing out the words begin and end is indeed more cumbersome than writing { }. However, the meaning of such characters is not as obvious as words are.


  • The source editor of the Lazarus IDE supports a “find matching begin/end” function.
  • vim can be configured to support matching Pascal’s begin/end, too.

Keywords: begindoelseendforifrepeatthenuntilwhile