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Brook Framework is a cross-platform microframework which helps to develop web Pascal applications built by Delphi or Lazarus IDE and Free Pascal. Its core has been developed using libsagui, a cross-platform C library incorporating GNU libmicrohttpd, uthash, PCRE2, ZLib and GnuTLS.

Author: Silvio Clecio

License: GNU LGPL


Comparison with Brook Free Pascal

Brook for Free Pascal is an earlier web application library by the same developer. The main difference between Brook Framework and Brook Free Pascal is that Brook Framework uses libmicrohttpd and GnuTLS, wrapped into libsagui, for its underlying HTTP/S functionality, whereas Brook Free Pascal is pure Pascal and relies on the HTTP functionality provided by fcl-web, covering CGI, FastCGI and standalone.

For deployment of Brook Framework applications, it is necessary to bundle the application with the libsagui DLL/dylib/so file; depending on how libsagui is built, it may be necessary to also bundle other dynamic library files that libsagui depends on.


  • mORMot - Synopse mORMot ORM/SOA/MVC framework.
  • FreeSpider - Web development package for Free Pascal/Lazarus.
  • FCL-Web Built-in Free Pascal web library.
  • Fano Framework Web application framework for modern Pascal programming language.