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Raspbian Buster (基于Debian 10 Buster),在存储库中有开用FPC和Lazarus, but they suffer from the same "design decisions" that don't allow for a nice experience, namely the smooth IDE rebuilding capability based on source packages that is possible with FPC/Lazarus official .deb packages vs the crippled experience with the official Debian/Raspbian packages. One wishes there were official FPC/Lazarus packages for Raspbian as there are for Intel Debian/Ubuntu, which are also frequently updated; not being that the case (at least for now), this page shows the steps for building your own FPC, FPC-source and Lazarus packages for Raspbian. Example shows steps for Lazarus 2.0.6 which includes FPC 3.0.4, most recent at the time of writing. Adjust accordingly.


  • 树莓派4版本B, 4 GB (更少的内存将需要swap), with appropriate cooling (author uses aluminum case that doubles as heatsink) to avoid throttling due to excessive heat
  • Latest Raspbian Buster fully updated


  1. 安装 Subversion: sudo apt install subversion
  2. 获取bootstrap FPC 编译器。最新版本的编译器是使用其先前版本的编译器来编译。
  3. 提取编译器。这将创建一个fpc-3.0.2.arm-linux目录。(注意:这个文件夹必需存在于一个 linux 文件系统上 [像文档文件夹] ,像 FAT 之类不允许接下来步骤的工作)。
  4. 在这个目录中,以 pi 用户,运行./
  5. 在四个提示处,回答Enter, n, n, n: 这是,接受建议的目录/home/pi/fpc-3.0.2,没有文本模式IDE,没有文档,没有示例。忽略tar警告。注意额外文件将被写入到/home/pi: .fpc.cfg, .config/fppkg.cfg, .fppkg/config/default中。当构建完成后,删除临时的bootstrap编译器,这些文件和 /home/pi/fpc-3.0.2安装目录需要被删除。
  6. 临时添加FPC安装目录到PATH: export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/fpc-3.0.2/bin. If you have to reboot for any reason before completing the FPC build, you have to do this step again.
  7. Test if all ok: fpc abcd. This invokes the just installed compiler trying to compile a non-existent file (abcd). A multiline message will be shown including the compiler version.
  8. Non-step note: the following steps are mostly based on this
  9. 安装开发库: sudo apt install libgtk2.0-dev libgpm-dev libncurses-dev
  10. mkdir ~/pascal
  11. cd ~/pascal
  12. svn co fpc, you have to be online for this and the next step to work.
  13. svn co lazarus
  14. cd lazarus/tools/install
  15. 编辑, look for line with the following content: arm) ppcbin=arm; FPCArch=arm;;, (currently line 109). Copy and paste this line below itself, so it will appear twice. Edit this copy to read like this: armhf) ppcbin=arm; FPCArch=arm;;. Now save the changes and exit.
  16. 运行脚本: ./ fpc ~/pascal/fpc/. This will compile the latest compiler with the bootstrap compiler. It takes about 11 minutes. A .deb file will be created: fpc-laz_3.0.4-yymmdd_armhf.deb; the exact name will be shown at the end of the compilation. Rename the file with (NOTE: do not type the brackets): mv [file name shown at end of compilation] fpc-laz_3.0.4_armhf.deb
  17. 你已经完成FPC构建。重启树莓派来摆脱临时路径。
  18. 卸载bootstrap FPC: rm -rf ~/.fpc.cfg ~/.config/fppkg.cfg ~/.fppkg ~/fpc-3.0.2 ~/tmp. Check what you just did: fpc abcd should say command is not found.
  19. Install the just created FPC Debian package: sudo dpkg -i ~/pascal/lazarus/tools/install/fpc-laz_3.0.4_armhf.deb. Check if it works: fpc abcd should show the newly installed FPC compiler.
  20. cd ~/pascal/lazarus/tools/install
  21. ./ fpc-src ~/pascal/fpc/. This builds the FPC source package in about 3 minutes: fpc-src_3.0.4-yymmdd_armhf.deb. Rename with: mv fpc-src_3.0.4-yymmdd_armhf.deb fpc-src_3.0.4_armhf.deb
  22. 编辑, look for line with the following content: echo "$Arch is not supported.", (currently line 86). Copy the 3 lines above it and paste them just below themselves: at this time it is copy lines 83 to 85 and paste them between lines 85 and 86. In the just pasted lines (lines 86-88), replace sparc with armhf, and ppcsparc with ppcarm. Look for the first fi just below; copy and paste it below itself (copy line 91 below itself, so line 91 and 92 read the same). For you coders out there, you are adding another if to a nested if, with its corresponding fi。现在保存并退出。
  23. ./。这将构建Lazarus IDE Debian软件包 lazarus-project_2.0.6-0_armhf.deb。它将花费大约需要15分钟。
  24. 安装FPC源文件和Lazarus软件包: sudo dpkg -i fpc-src_3.0.4_armhf.deb lazarus-project_2.0.6-0_armhf.deb
  25. 保存*.deb到另一个位置,如果以后需要可重新安装或与朋友共享:请记住这是自由软件。
  26. cd, rm -rf ~/pascal ~/tmp

You can now finally enjoy your fully working, fully up to date Lazarus. Find it in the Programming section of the Raspberry menu. A message titled "Error in EditorMacroScript" will be shown on first run; this also appears in the Raspbian Lazarus, reason still unknown to the original author of this page.现在尝试安装一个软件包,例如:lazreport;它将工作!

想帮助FPC/Lazarus社区?在互联网上的某个地方托管生产的 .deb软件包,并在论坛上留言来让每个人都知道; 为每个发布版本都重做软件包。


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