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The Chart tab of the Component Palette lists visible components of the Lazarus Component Library for use with graphs and charts from the TAChart package.

Component Palette Chart.png

Icon Component Description
tchart.png TChart Draws various kind of graphs and charts on screen
tlistchartsource.png TListChartSource Chart source storing series data in an internal list
trandomchartsource.png TRandomChartSource Chart source with random data for chart layout optimization at design-time
tuserdefinedchartsource.png TUserDefinedChartSource Chart source providing an interface between series and user-defined data structures
tcalculatedchartsource.png TCalculatedChartSource Chart source calculating the data to be plotted from another chart source
tdbchartsource.png TDbChartSource Chart source providing plot data from a database table or query
tcharttoolset.png TChartToolset Collection of tools for user interaction with a chart (zooming, panning, ...)
tchartaxistransformations.png TChartAxisTransformations Collection of various chart axis transformations
tchartstyles.png TChartStyles Can be used for individual styling of stacked series or for a striped axis grid
tchartlegendpanel.png TChartLegendPanel Chart legend replacement which can be positioned outside the chart.
tchartnavscrollbar.png TChartNavScrollBar Optimized for scrolling the visible extent of a zoomed chart
tchartnavpanel.png TChartNavPanel Mini chart preview for navigation within a zoomed chart
tintervalchartsource.png TIntervalChartSource Chart source providing numeric axis labels
tdatetimeintervalchartsource.png TDateTimeIntervalChartSource Chart source provide labels for a date/time axis
tchartlistbox.png TChartListBox Checked listbox for showing/hiding series of a chart
tchartextentlink.png TChartExtentLink Links the axes of two (or more) charts to show the same extent
tchartimagelist.png TChartImageList Imagelist which contains an icon for every series of a chart
tchartcombobox.png TChartCombobox Combobox for selection of series pointer, line styles, line widths and brush styles
tchartguiconnectoraggpas.png TChartGUIConnectorAggPas Utility to draw the chart using the AggPas library
tchartguiconnectorbgra.png TChartGUIConnectorBGRA Utility to draw the chart using the BGRABitmap library
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