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{{Components and Code examples}}
==Lazarus-CCR Released Components==
* [[ACS]] - Audio Component Suite, a collection of components to develop applications for audio playing/recording/processing. Can play wav,ogg,mp3,mp2,wma ... record from any recordable source, do everything simultan, ripping and more. See [http://acs.ullihome.de/ ACS]
* [[Bluetooth]] - Accessing Bluetooth devices. For example the Wiimote.
* [[Graphics libraries]] - here you can see the main graphic libraries you can use to develop.
* [[pyramidtiff]] - a command line tool to create from an image file a tiff file with multiple resolutions usable with iipimage and other high resolution image viewers.
'''2D Drawing'''
* [[ZenGL]] - cross-platform game development library using OpenGL.
* [[BGRABitmap]] - Drawing shapes and bitmaps with transparency, direct access to pixels, etc.
* [[LazRGBGraphics]] - A package for fast in memory image processing and pixel manipulations (like scan line).
* [[fpvectorial]] - Offers support to read, modify and write vectorial images.
* [[Double Gradient]] - Draw 'double gradient' & 'n gradient' bitmaps easy.
* [[Gradient Filler]] - TGradientFiller is the best way to create custom n gradients in Lazarus.
* [[PascalMagick]] - an easy to use API for interfacing with [http://www.imagemagick.org ImageMagick], a multiplatform free software suite to create, edit, and compose bitmap images.
* [[Sample Graphics]] -  graphics gallery created with Lazarus and drawing tools
* [[Fast direct pixel access]] - speed comparison of some methods for direct bitmap pixel access
* [[SMNetGradient]] - A Gradient Fill component for Lazarus.
* [[TMetafile_/_TMetafileCanvas|TMetafile/TMetafileCanvas]] - EnhMetafile API implementation for Windows.
'''3D Drawing'''
* [[GLScene]] - A port of the 3D visual OpenGL graphics Library [http://www.glscene.org GLScene]
* [[TOpenGLBox]] - A barebones OpenGL component for Lazarus that provides an OpenGL rendering area.
* [[TAChart]] - Charting component for Lazarus
* [[PlotPanel]] - A plotting and charting component for animated graphs
* [[Perlin Noise]] - An article about using Perlin Noise on LCL applications.
* [[FpSystools]] - Conversion of TurboPower's Systools for Kylix package to Lazarus/FPC
* [[DCPcrypt]] - DCPcrypt Cryptographic Component Library
* [[RXfpc]] - Some of the well known RXlib components components converted to Lazarus
* [[MultiLog]] - A Log system designed for FPC-Lazarus
* [[OnGuard]] - A port of Turbo Power OnGuard
* [[UniqueInstance]] - A component to force only one instance running at same time
* [[XDev Toolkit]] - Cross-platform development tools.
* [[MouseAndKeyInput]] - Tool for cross-platform manipulation with mouse and key input.
* [[PascalSane]] - bindings for the libsane scanner API, with demo application.
* [[log4delphi]] - A Log system based on log4j
* [[fppkggui]] - A simple frontend gui for [[fppkg]]
* [[SymScan]] - Barcode Scanner interface for Symbol/Motorolla MC series handhelds.
* [[Theodp]] - UTF-8 Tools
* [[DELPHI FORM TO HTML CONVERTER]] - Delphi Form to HTML Converter - new by PEW
* [[InstantFPC]] - run pascal programs as normal unix scripts
* [[LazBarcodes]] - Generate barcodes (QRCode, Aztec, DataMatrix, ...)
* [[Zlibar]] - Objects to create and extract a zlib compressed archive containing multiple files
* [[FreePascalArchivePackage]] - Conversion of TurboPower Software's Abbrevia library for the Free Pascal Compiler
* [[ZipFile]] - Component that encapsulates a zipfile, you can read and write from it as if it's a filesystem
* [[libtar]] - Classes for .TAR archives by Stefan Heymann, who kindly relicensed so that they are now in the FPC 2.1.1 and later distributions. Can be combined by zstream to create .tar.gz files.
* [[bzip2lib]] - Stream classes for bzip2 compression and decompression.
===Editors and viewers===
* [[PowerPDF]] - Port of the PowerPDF (visual) components for Lazarus
* [[RichView]] - Port of the TRichView Freeware Edition Components to Lazarus
* [[Fshcomp]] - Edit components.
* [[SynEdit]] - Source Editor component (used by the IDE)
* [http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/SynEdit/port Synedit 2.0.5 port]
* [[RichMemo]] - A cross-platform component designed as rich text editor and viewer.
* [[BeepFp]] - BEEP Protocol framework
* [[Sockets]] - TCP/IP Sockets components
* [[lNet]] - Networking components which provides simple, single-threaded event-driven networking suite with protocols from TCP and UDP to SMTP and HTTP. lNet was designed to not depend on any external libraries and is extremely portable.
* [[FPC_and_Apache_Modules|FPC and Apache Modules]] - Headers for creating Apache modules with fpc
* [[Web_Service_Toolkit|Web Services Toolkit]] - Web Services authoring and consumption
* [[fb embedded2 Laz]] - Using an embedded FireBird 2.0.3 server with Lazarus by including the Firebird DLLs as a resource.
* [[TPSQL]] - Components for connecting to PostgreSQL database servers
* [[tiOPF]] - TechInsite Object Persistent Framework (Ver. 2)
* [[TParadoxDataSet]] - An TDataSet implementation that can read Paradox files up to Version 7 (and up ??)
* [[ZeosDBO]] - Component for connecting to multiple database (Firebird, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle)
* [[SQLitePass]] - Components for connecting to SQLite database
* [[MS Access]] - Procedure using TODBCConnection with FILEDSN
* [[IBX]] - Component for direct connecting to FirebirdSQL
* [[ZMSQL]] - TBufDataset SQL enhanced in-memory database, storing data as delimited text files
===File formats===
* [[CsvDocument]] - CSV files handling using parser or cell-based API similar to one of StringGrid component.
* [[FPSpreadsheet]] - A library for handling spreadsheet files. Supports the formats from MS Excel and OpenOffice.
* [[StringHashMap]] - String -> Pointer associative map container. Fast and memory efficient.
* [[EpikTimer]] - Precision timer component written specifically for Lazarus.
* [[Manager Worker Threads System]] - Manager Worker Thread system to process simultaneous data objects in real-time.
* [[TrayIcon]] - A multiplatform System Tray component
* [[TPopupNotifier]] - How to use TPopupNotifier to show "balloon help".
* [[MultiDoc]] - A component to write pseudo-MDI application with Lazarus.
* [[MDButtonsBar]] - ButtonsBar to MultiDoc Component.
* [[MPICH]] - Bindings for the MPI - Message Passing Interface. Distributed computing.
* [[Bluetooth]] - Accessing Bluetooth devices.
===Visual components===
* [[VirtualTreeview]] - A port of the fast virtual treeview from [http://www.soft-gems.net/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=12&Itemid=33 SoftGems]
* [[Turbopower Visual PlanIt]] - A port of the Planner Components
* [[RingChart and AnalogWatch]] - Another Elliptical Chart and an Analogic Watch for Lazarus and FPC
* [[ColorBox]] - Color picker with preview
* [[Spook's Panel Components]] - A collection of panel components
* [[HistoryFiles]] - A component for store the recent files list into an .ini file and show the result into a menu.
* [[ColorPalette]] - A color palette grid with ability to use custom palette.
* [[OrphPort]] - Subset of TurboPower's Orpheus controls.
* [[TSubForm]] - A Data-Aware SubForm that replicates controls based on records in a dataset.
* [[Lui Controls]] - A set of visual controls (TToggleLabel, TMenuButton)
* [[uE Controls]] - A open source set of instrumentation controls for Lazarus and Free Pascal, compilable under Windows and Linux.
* [[JvXPBar]] - A port of [http://jvcl.sourceforge.net JVCL's] TJvXPBar control that can display an icon, a header and zero or more clickable items in its client area.
* [[CmdLine]] - A Prompt as VCL Control.
* [[Wile64]] - Components for Lazarus (TGifAnim, TColorProgress, TLabelCut...)
* [[TGradButton]] - A new good looking Button Component
* [[BGRAControls]] - Components which are using the power of the [[BGRABitmap]] package. BGRAImageList, BGRASpeedButton, BGRAButton, BGRAPanel.
* [[TMyRollOut and ExpandPanel]] - A collapsable panel with a button (like TJvRollOut); these panels can be arranged with "Expandpanel"
* [[FileMenuHandler]] - Handles Recent files list and Open, Save, Save As, Exit Commands.
* [[THtmlPort]] - Lazarus port of Dave Baldwin's HTML Components (THtmlViewer, TFrameViewer, TFrameBrowser).
* [[GeckoPort]] - Lazarus port of Takanori Ito's Gecko SDK for Delphi, including TGeckoBrowser.
* [[ZVDateTimeControls Package]] - This package contains TZVDateTimePicker (the clone of Delphi's TDateTimePicker) and TDBZVDatePicker (a data aware version of TZVDateTimePicker).
* [[jujiboutils]] - Set of components to input and validate different kinds of data, floats, dates, etc.
=== Lazarus IDE Extensions ===
* [[Manual Docker]] - The extension allows Messages window to dock to the source editor.
=== Hardware Access ===
* [http://forum.lazarus.freepascal.org/index.php/topic,7894.0.html NIDAQmxBase] - Unit for using National Instruments data acquisition devices through the NI DAQmx Base library (not the bigger NI DAQmx library).
==Packages/Programs for FPC/Lazarus (not hosted here)==
* [[5dpo]] (5dpo Component Library - Sdpo) is a set of components released by the 5dpo Robotic Soccer Team.
* [http://audorra.sourceforge.net/ Audorra] is a digital audio library for Delphi and Freepascal.
* [http://www.bpdx.com/ Brain Patchwork DX, LLC.] has ported their TCP/UDP Client and Server Components to Lazarus 0.9.22/FPC 2.0.4 - visual and non-visual implementation are supported (www.bpdx.com)
* [[Castle Game Engine]], a 3D game engine especially focused on VRML/X3D formats.
* [http://cups4lazarus.sourceforge.net/ CUPS for Lazarus project] Common UNIX Printing System for FPC/Lazarus.
* [http://www.benibela.de/sources_de.html#diagram Diagram] a unit to draw a diagram using a model/view system
* [[DelphiWebScript]] Object-oriented scripting engine based on Object pascal language.
* [http://www.tcoq.org/composants DrawObjectsExtended] a graphical component ported from Delphi to draw structured diagrams.
* [http://www.tcoq.org/composants ExcelInterfaces], a component to interface FPC and Lazarus programs with the Excel spreadsheet tool. It also demonstrates the use of COM interfaces on the Windows platform
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/fibl/ FIBL] FreeIBComponents package porting for Lazarus.
* [http://breakoutbox.de/pascal/applications.html FreeImage] is an Open Source library project which supports popular graphics image formats like PNG, BMP, JPEG, TIFF and others (works with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X). PicViewer is a Example Application (Windows only) and shows basic usage of this DLL.
* [http://fundementals.sourceforge.net/ Fundamentals Code Library] includes libraries for Unicode, Strings, Data Structures, Sockets and Mathematics.
* [http://www.icu4pas.org/ ICU4PAS] is an Object Pascal, cross platform, Direct Class Wrapper over the ICU libraries. ICU is a mature, widely used set of C/C++ and Java libraries providing Unicode and Globalization support for software applications.
* Indy
** Original (now dormant) effort: [http://indy4lazarus.sourceforge.net/ Indy for Lazarus project] 119 components Indy for FPC/Lazarus.
** Newer attempt [[Indy with Lazarus]] (Both Indy9 and Indy10)
* [http://www.benibela.de/sources_de.html#internettools Internet Tools] to get and parse html pages plus an auto update class
* http://ioda.sourceforge.net/index.html ioda is a fulltext search database: a word indexing and retrieving engine. It stores unique words from a file or database source in a btree and their repeaters in an flexible and highly space optimized list structure. Each stored word "knews" its source, position in the source and some (optional) info bytes. (writen in FPC)
* [https://sourceforge.net/projects/jedi-sdl/ JEDI-SDL] : Pascal headers for SDL
* [http://code.google.com/p/lazarus-zlib/ lazarus-zlib] - library, contains simple functions for work with zlib-archives (it uses the original zlib source, compiled in obj-files).
* [http://www.breakoutbox.de/pascal/pascal.html#LibSndFile LibSndFile.dll] is a C library for reading and writing files containing sampled sound (such as MS Windows WAV and the Apple/SGI AIFF format) through one standard library interface. The download also contains a GUI demo application written under Windows.
* [http://www.breakoutbox.de/pascal/pascal.html#mpg123 mpg123.dll] is a MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 decoder DLL for layers 1,2 and 3. The MPEG 1.0 layer 3 aka MP3 is most commonly tested. The Library itself is available for Linux, MacOSX, FreeBSD, SunOS4.1.3, Solaris 2.5, HPUX 9.x, SGI Irix and Cygwin or plain MS Windows. Cross-platform compatible source code should be possible in LAZARUS as soon as the wrapper file for portaudio.DLL is tested by Linux and Mac owners. The example code contains two wrapper files, tested under Windows 32bit only.
* [https://www.birtles.org.uk/programming/ Pascal LZMA SDK]
* [https://bitbucket.org/reiniero/notepad-pluginlazarus Notepad++ plugin template for Lazarus]: a demo template that should get you started quickly with writing your own plugin for the free (Windows only) Notepad++ text editor. Ported from the existing Delphi template.
* [http://wiki.lazarus.freepascal.org/PascalSCADA PascalSCADA] is a set of components to make easy the development of HMI/SCADA applications (applications that needs interact with PLC's and others industrial devices).
* [http://www.breakoutbox.de/pascal/pascal.html#PortAudio PortAudio] project is a portable cross-platform Audio API currently available for Windows, Macintosh OS X, Unix (OSS/ALSA), SGI, and BeOS. It allows cross-platform compatible source code also in LAZARUS. The download contains the wrapper file that makes the C Library available and also example applications showing how to use the PortAudio DLL under Lazarus LCL / Windows. The wrapper file for portaudio.DLL is from the UltraStar Sourceforge project.
* [[RackCtls]] a collection of components with an "Hi-fi system" appearance.
* [http://tcoq.free.fr/composants.html Runge-Kutta] a scientific component to integrate partial differential equations, using events.
* Starting with version 32,  Lucas Gebauer's outstanding [http://www.ararat.cz/synapse/ Synapse] TCP/IP library is now compatible with Free Pascal and Lazarus. Lucas has also just released version 12 of his Synaser serial port communications suite that also runs under Free Pascal.
* [https://github.com/rnapoles/Synedit-Port Synedit-Port] Synedit 2.0.5 port - SynEdit is an advanced multi-line edit control.
* [http://www.benibela.de/components_en.html#treelistview TTreeListView] is the combination of a TTreeView with a TListView, showing items in a tree with columns
* [http://sourceforge.net/projects/ultrastardx/ UltraStar Deluxe] has headers for the following libraries for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X (with a few exceptions):
** portaudio
** bass
** ffmpeg
** SDL
** libpng
** FreeImage
** freetype
** Lua
** midi
** pcre
** portmixer
** projectM
** samplerate
** SQLite
** zlib
** fft
==Commercial Packages for FPC/Lazarus==
*TMS FlexCel Studio for VCL/LCL - http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/flexcel.asp - A Spreadsheet component
==Example programs==
See also: [[Page Of Code Sites]]; including sites such as Rosetta Code, Torry and much more
* [[SysRec]] - Video Capturing and Recording application, you can download it [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=92177 here].
* [[Micro-mainframe Transmission Command Generator for IBM Mainframes]]
* [[Synapse]] - The Synapse page has an SSH/Telnet client unit and example program that demonstrates running commands on servers.
* [[Sudoku]] - A Sudoku solver.
* [[Libview]] - Views all exported function names of a given library.
* [[Contacts Database]] - An expanded version of the address book example with reports.
* [[OpenGL Tutorial]] - Example code for the OpenGL tutorial
* [[Robot - The Game]] - Very easy written sample for beginners
* [[Kaldemonia]] - Google Searcher shows simple threading, using Synapse networking library.
* [[TSqlite3 Master Detail Example]] - Working Master Detail Example using 3 small tables and sqlite components.
* [[JCSV (Jans CSV Components)]] - Working Example of TJansCSV Component Set
* [[How To Use Interfaces to write less code]] - Working Example of Interfaces and generics.
* [http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=240460 LRS_Explorer] - A little software to add some pictures, music, etc.. into a Lazarus resource (lrs) file.
* [[Creating LCL Control From Libraries]] - Shows you how to create and manage LCL UI controls in an application from plug-ins (dll/so/dynlib).
==RTL, FLC and LCL Usage examples==
* [[Manager Worker Threads System]] - An example of how to design a Manager Worker Thread Application.
* [[Dialog Examples]] - useful dialogs not found in the Component Palette
* [[Howto Use TOpenDialog]] - How to use the FileOpen Dialog
* [[Howto Use TSaveDialog]] - How to use the FileSave Dialog
* [[ServiceManager]] - How to use the ServiceManager to handle running services
==See Also==
* [[Projects using Lazarus]]
* [[FPC Applications/Projects Gallery]]
* [[Operating Systems written in FPC]]
* [[Using the Lazarus-ccr SVN repository]]

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