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Large Display Components

Almost finished:

  • TLCD99
  • TLCDLabel
  • TAnalogueclock

Everthing compiles for SGraph 2.4 except the data series unit that requires the variant support that's coming with the 1.9 branch of FPC.

I've also converted a small trend recorder variant of Mark Dodson's original but I'm thinking about rewriting it. If anyone is interested in any of these components, let me know. - Tom


Internet Direct (Indy) is an open source TCP/IP socket component suite comprised of popular Internet protocols. For more info see indy4lazarus.


FormStorage is a componant for save all selected property of form in an xml file.



DxGetText Lazarus dxGetText is a conversion by Guilbaud of the dxGetText project. From the dxGetTest website: "Initially, this project used a Windows port of the GNU gettext library, but has made it much further and today it is a complete reimplementation of the GNU gettext library with many enhancements".

Requested Components


devphp is an IDE for PHP written in Delphi/Kylix. It's got a lot of nice features and would be very handy to have compiling under Lazarus. The author has run out of time to work on it so it would probably be a good candidate for conversion. Tom

ZEOS Data Objects

ZEOS Data Objects is a set of components for accessing directly the various dabase backends that you might need to. MySQL, Postgres and others, on Delphi it compiles directly into the .exe, only requiring that you have the appropriate DLL installed (postgres.dll, mysql.dll). It would be fabulous to get thes components working under Lazarus as we can then write real database apps quickly. MartynRanyard

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The Delphi IDE, but not Kylix, has a File -> Print selection which allows either the current source file or the current Form to be sent to the printer. I know there are lots of ways in both Linux and Windows to have files and screenshots printed, but it would be a convenience to be able to initiate printing direct from the IDE, with all the formatting and highlighting that you see on the screen. User:ChrisKirk