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The Data controls tab of the Component Palette contains database-related control components.

Component Palette Data Controls.png

Icon Component Description Online Docs
tdbnavigator.png TDBNavigator navigation control for use with a connected database Link
tdbtext.png TDBText text contents for a TDataSet field value, not editable Link
tdbedit.png TDBEdit single-line edit control for a TDataSet field value Link
tdbmemo.png TDBMemo multi-line edit control for a TDataSet field value Link
tdbimage.png TDBImage image stored in a field of a TDataSet Link
tdblistbox.png TDBListBox list with several string items, the selected item corresponds to a TDataSet field Link
tdblookuplistbox.png TDBLookupListBox similar to TDBListBox, but the string items are taken from a lookup TDataSet Link
tdbcombobox.png TDBComboBox dropdown list with several options, the selected item corresponds to a TDataSet. Link
tdblookupcombobox.png TDBLookupComboBox similar to TDBComboBox, but the string items are taken from a lookup TDataSet Link
tdbcheckbox.png TDBCheckBox checkbox corresponding with a TDataSet field value Link
tdbradiogroup.png TDBRadioGroup group of TRadioButtons, the selected index corresponds to a TDataSet field. Link
tdbcalendar.png TDBCalendar date from the TDataSet displayed in a month calendar Link
tdbgroupbox.png TDBGroupBox container for other controls. Data field information is displayed in header of the box. Link
tdbgrid.png TDBGrid grid displaying fields of several records of s TDataSet Link
tdbdatetimepicker.png TDBDateTimePicker date/time value editor for a TDataSet field (no LCL control)

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