Detailed 2.2.2 Todo

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This todo is for people working on fpc to write down what they want to do till 2.2.2 is released. It's not a wishlist what shall be done. Feature requests etc. should be added to mantis.


  • Document changes potentially affecting currently working code to User_Changes_2.2.2 (all)
    • Document regcal stack parameter order change
    • Document val change regarding the handling of #0
  • Fix bugs with, see roadmap [1]


  • improve HTML rendering of IDE (Florian/Tomas(?))
  • Fix all testsuite failures which are in 2.2.2 but not in 2.2.0 (all)
  • bug fixing (all)
  • Ansistrings/widestrings should show in gdb as string, not address. We can achieve this by emitting debug information for zero terminated strings.
  • Fix -pg gprof support.


  • Use fpmake for building (Michael/Peter)
  • Use fppkg for package repository (Michael/Peter)
  • get an initial set of packages for often used pkgs. (during RC'ing?)


  • 64-bit file support for Solaris (?)
  • 64-bit file support for MacOS (?)
  • 64-bit file support for Netwlibc (?)
  • Make decision about threading in Linux (NTPL, unit libc) (bug 6280) (???, Marco is willing to help with the implementation)
  • fix internal ThreadManager inconsistencies (Ales?, March 31? - probably not)


  • DB: Restructure the db-testsuite (Joost)
  • DB: bufdataset: implement calculated fields (Joost)
  • DB: bufdataset: implement in-memory-filtering (Joost)
  • DB: bufdataset: make it possible to use bufdataset directly, thus not only it's descendents. (like TClientDataset) (Joost)
  • DB: bufdataset: save and read datapackets as XML (Joost)
  • DB: sqldb: improve speed by fetching more then one record at a time (Joost)
  • DB: sqldb: add the ability to make plugins (Joost)
  • DB: sqldb: a backup and restore plugin for firebird (Joost)
  • DB: sqldb: revise the TSQLScript component (2.4.0 ? Joost)
  • If possible: set up a test-suite for the fcl, like the db-testsuite. In such a way thet it can be used automatically, just like the compiler test-suite (Joost)


  • Check and modify compile options window to reflect all new 2.2 compiler options.


  • Update runtime error list.