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Optimized Linux, macOS and Windows (not tested for MAC, but should compile) management components to manipulate a lot of libraries on Delphi 2006, XE3, XE5 and Lazarus:

  • N-N, N-1, N-N-N relationships which needs an simple extension only for N-N-N.
  • DB colors
  • DB images with JPEG, PNG, BMP, etc.
  • DB Numeric, NumEdit and Operation, Spin Edit
  • DB Listview loaded parts by parts
  • DB Images and Imagelists
  • IniFile with forms, which can save a lot of values of visual components
  • XPChecks
  • DB navigation with record moving, search button, bookmark buttons
  • An embedded demo of GroupView and some components
  • Directory Edit on Data
  • Customized Images buttons and ImageList buttons
  • Radios Group with values
  • Cloned controls panel
  • Customized Fortes reports components
  • DBGrid, Datasource and Virtual Tree reports
  • Updating software from http

The Extended Components are part of a Very Rapid Applications Development framework.

On Windows and Linux 32 and 64 bits and on macOS 32 bits.

Every Control has special colors while focusing and editing. TFW Controls are just that.

There are also a lot of buttons in two versions with centralized Glyphs.