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Game Development


Allegro is a cross-platform library mainly aimed at video game and multimedia programming. It handles common, low-level tasks such as creating windows, accepting user input, loading data, drawing images, playing sounds, etc. and generally abstracting away the underlying platform. However, Allegro is not a game engine: it is a game framework you are free to design and structure your program as you like.

Allegro 5 has the following additional features:

  • Supported on Windows, Linux, macOS, iPhone and Android.
  • User-friendly, intuitive C API usable from many languages.
  • Hardware accelerated bitmap and graphical primitive drawing support (via OpenGL or Direct3D).
  • Audio recording support.
  • Font loading and drawing.
  • Video playback.
  • Abstractions over shaders and low-level polygon drawing.
  • And more!

To use Allegro with Free Pascal you need the Allegro.pas wrapper.

Vivace tutorial

Allegro Vivace is a tutorial used by Allegro beginners for years to being introduced to it. The latest version is here and I've decided to translate it to Pascal (with permission).

The tutorial is in the project webpage, here.

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