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The FPReport Visual report designer

The FPReport visual report designer has the following features:

  • Design a report from scratch using a visual editor.
  • Define variables
  • Load/Save report to/from a JSON file
  • Connect data to the report
  • CSV data
  • JSON data
  • SQLDB data
  • DBF Data
  • Preview data
  • Export data to known exporters (PDF, Image, HTML)

The following is how it will look when working on a report:

fpreport designer main.png


The Visual report designer is intended to be intuitive, and as such does not require a lot of explanation

  • To add a data field to a band: drag and drop ot from the data tree view no the right.
  • Same for functions
  • ctrl-drag will create a selection rectangle

Quick explanation of the menu


The file menu starts a new report or loads/saves a report from disk.

  • New - speaks for itself
  • Open report - load a JSON file with a report from disk.
  • Save Report - save report to a JSON file.
  • Quit - exit the report designer


  • Delete - delete the selection

Copy & Paste are in the works.


  • Add Page : Add a new page to the report.
  • Properties: set author, 2-pass, title.
  • Report data : To manage data sources.
  • Variables: define variables which can be used in expressions


This can be used to add various types of bands to the report.