Foundation Charter

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Currently a Free Pascal and Lazarus foundation is being established. Below is just a proposal for the charter of the foundation.

1. What is the purpose of the foundation.

The objectives of the Lazarus Foundation shall be to:

1. Promote the usage of the open source Lazarus IDE (Integrated development environment) to developers, the open-source community, education and commercial users via Trade Fairs, the Internet and print mediums.

2. Support and advance the development of the open source Lazarus IDE by accepting and managing funds raised by fees, subscriptions, donations, sponsorship, registrations and other means.

3 Disburse such funds by a) grants and/or contracts to advance the development effort b) in promotion activities

3. Encourage cooperation and affiliation with individuals, other non-profit organisations and commercial companies involved in, or planning to become involved in the development, support and promotion of Lazarus software projects and associated products and activities.