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Lazarus and the Free Pascal Compiler

The recommended version of the Free Pascal Compiler for the Lazarus IDE is 2.2.4; there are more recent versions (2.4.0 RC), but intermittent instabilities are still being found. The most recent releases can be found at the Free Pascal sourceforge site, though the recommended version together with the matching Lazarus release can be found at the Lazarus sourceforge download area. Various source packages and binaries are available from these download sites.

The recommended version of the Free Pascal Compiler for the Lazarus IDE is 2.2.4. The latest version can be found in the Files section of the Lazarus-CCR site as a package called "FPC - updated version".

Information where fpc 2.4.0 RC can be downloaded or how to connect to the SVN repository, can be found at .

From the Free Pascal Compiler website:


Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 bit pascal compiler. It is available for different processors (Intel 80386 and compatibles and Motorola 680x0) and operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, DOS, Win32, OS/2, BeOS, SunOS (Solaris), QNX and Classic Amiga).


The language syntax is semantically compatible with TP 7.0 as well as most versions of Delphi (classes, rtti, exceptions, ansistrings). Furthermore Free Pascal supports function overloading, operator overloading and other such features.


For the intel 80x86 version at least a 386 processor is required, but a 486 is recommended. For the motorola 680x0 version, a 68020 or later processor is recommended. In all cases, a minimum of 8 Megabytes of RAM is recommended, but the compiler is reported to work with 2 Megabytes of RAM.


The packages and runtime library come under a modified Library GNU Public License to allow the use of static libraries when creating applications. The compiler source itself comes under the GNU General Public License. The sources for both the compiler and runtime library are available; the complete compiler is written in Pascal.


The Free Pascal Compiler documentation is available on this site or it can be found online and in a variety of downloadable formats on the main Free Pascal Compiler site.

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