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A game framework is a library designed to help game development. It usually defines APIs to deal with graphics, sound, user input, data files, etc. In most cases it defines a high-level API that allows cross-platform development.

Main difference between game frameworks and game engines is that the later also implements the game loop, as well as complex data structures (maps, actors...), data containers and tools.

Game frameworks

Name Site Usage License Notes
Allegro Bindings Allegro-pas Allegro 1-4: Beerware, Allegro 5: zlib
Phoenix FPC/Delphi
GLScene FPC/Delphi Mozilla Public License
SMFL PasSFMLBindings PasSFML(OOP) It is a simplified alternative to SDL.
SDL Bindings
SDL2 Bindings SDL2 for Free Pascal Compiler
ZenGL FPC/Delphi

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