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Games written in Pascal

Here's a list of notable games made in Pascal or Object Pascal.

Name Site License Source available Notes
Peg Solitaire Peg Solitaire tutorial Public Domain

There's no license note, so I'm wondering. It may be Creative Commons as well.

Yes A step-by-step explanation of how to build a Peg Solitaire using Lazarus.
Hedgewars GNU General Public License Yes A well known Worms clone.
Beyond the Titanic Download page at 3DReams website GNU General Public License Yes An early game by Apogee.
Darkest Before the Dawn

Google Play GitHub Sourceforge

GNU General Public License Yes First game using Castle Game Engine in Android.

Pascal Ported Games

This list contains games written in other languages ported to Pascal. Note that most them were written for Delphi but may be they can be compiled/ported to Free Pascal too.

Name Site License Notes
Delphi Doom Sourceforge GNU General Public License
Quake to Delphi Sourceforge


GNU General Public License Sourcefoge is the active one. The old-site appears to be quite dead now. Though the source code can still be downloaded.
Quake II Delphi (Quake 2 Delphi) GNU General Public License
Civilization 2 Public Domain It was spotted on the forum back in 2009. The engine used is not the original Civilization II engine. So as long as graphical resources are different, it's quite good TBS engine.

Game lists

You can find more games in the next links:

Available Game Engines also include examples and game demos.