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You must setup the debugger and start the project to debug it. Only then this window will be useful.

Debug History


The History window shows a list of locations where the application was previously stopped or paused. (e.g. Hit Breakpoint, stopped after stepping). Entries can also be added by none-breaking Breakpoints.

Each time an entry is added locals, watches, stack and threads that are shown/evaluated at the time are stored. The history window allows to select each entry and view the stored values. Stored values can be viewed in there normal viewer windows (e.g. Watch window) which will follow the selection of the history window.


  • The history only affects Watches, Locals, Threads, and Stack Window.
Other Windows are not affected. Not affected windows keep showing the current data while a history entry is selected
  • Only Watches and Locals in the top stackframe of the current thread are automatically evaluated (available, even if the related viewer windows were closed). Other data is only kept, if it was displayed at the time. (e.g. if the user manually selected another frame, and viewed the watches in the watch window.
  • Data evaluation can be aborted, if the user runs or steps the application before the data is ready. In this case it is not available in the history


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