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If this dialog is invoked by Ctrl+F or by Search > Find then it the replace buttons and options are disabled.

If this dialog is invoked by Ctrl+R or by Search > Replace then the replace options will be enabled.

  • Text to Find
  • Replace With

The above two comboboxes contain the last searched texts and replace patterns. Cursor Down will go back in history and fetch the last text to find.

Hint: You can choose, whether the IDE starts the dialog with the word at the cursor in the source editor or with a blank field in Environment -> Editor Options -> General -> Find text at cursor


  • Case sensitive - distinguish lower case and upper case (a and A)
  • Whole words only - The found text must start at a word start and end at a word end
  • Regular Expressions - see IDE regular expressions
  • Multi line - not implemented yet
  • Prompt on replace - ask before replacing (only enabled if replacing)


  • From Cursor - start search at cursor. If direction is forward, it searches till the end of the file
  • Entire Scope - If direction is forward it starts searching at the beginning of the file and searches till the end.


  • Global - search in whole file
  • Selected Text - limit the search to the selected text

Hint: To search multiple files use Search -> Find in files.


  • Forward search - search top to bottom. Each line is searched from left to right.
  • Backward search - search bottom to top. Each line is searched forward - left to right.