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This dialog requires to place the cursor in the source editor on an identifier. When openend the source editor will first jump to the declaration of the identifier then show the dialog.

The replace button and options will only be enabled, when invoked via 'Rename Identifier' (for example via Source Editor -> Right Click Popup Menu -> Refactoring -> Rename Identifier).

Setup the search options and start the search. A progress window will popup up with a button to abort. When the search finished the Search Results window will open presenting the result. If the identifier was renamed the result will be empty.


In the caption of the groupbox the searched identifier is shown. In the listbox below the unit and include files of the declaration is presented, so you can make sure, the right identifier is replaced.

Rename to

Set here the name of the new identifier.


  • in current unit - search only in the current source editor file
  • in main project - search in all files of the current project
  • in project/package owning current unit - first search the project/package to which this file belong, then replace in all files of this project/package.
  • in all open projects and packages - as above, but search also in all depending projects/packages.

Additional files to search

Specify here additional files to search.

Search in comments too

The codetools will replace the identifier in all comments as well.