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FPC 2.0.0 lazarus ??? 2005-05-26
FPC 2.0.0 lazarus 0.9.8 2005-05-26

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Databases tab

FPC 2.0.0 lazarus 0.9.8 2005-05-26

fpc-lazarus-doc-html-200505026.tar.bz2 from SourceForge

Release notes: This file contains the tarred and bzip2ed html documents used for the context sensitive help.

First, extract this file. You now have two subdirectories: rtl and lcl. For the remainder this instruction assumes you have unzipped the html documents in the c:\lazarus\docs\doc-html. In what follows, adjust the path according to your installation.

In lazarus, go to Help -> Configure Help -> Databases tab.

Select RTLUnits in the left pane and browse to c:\lazarus\docs\doc-html\rtl in the BaseURL property.

The BaseURL property contains now: 'file://c:/lazarus/docs/doc-html/rtl'. The URL on a *nix might look like: 'file:///home/myhome/lazarus/docs/doc-html/rtl'.

Similarly change the BaseURL for the LCLUnits help databases by replacing rtl by lcl in the url.