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General tab


Viewers tab


(Help for this tab should be presented in hints, because when nothing is yet configured...)

Windows: (Help on Windows should simply use "open" with the document type, but...) For "HTML Browser" set BrowserPath to your <browser>.exe. That's all, for now.

Databases tab

FPC 2.0.0 lazarus 0.9.8 2005-05-26

Download fpc-lazarus-doc-html-200505026.tar.bz2 from SourceForge

Release notes: This file contains the tarred and bzip2ed html documents used for the context sensitive help.

For the remainder this instruction assumes you have installed Lazarus in c:\lazarus, and you want to use the default subdirectory c:\lazarus\docs\doc-html\. In what follows, adjust the path according to your installation.

First, extract this file to c:\lazarus\docs\doc-html. You now have subdirectories like rtl and lcl. In lazarus, go to Help -> Configure Help -> Databases tab.

(The stupid setup doesn't provide any default, and requires to specifiy each subdirectory, instead of only the common path, so...) Select RTLUnits in the left pane and browse to c:\lazarus\docs\doc-html\rtl in the BaseURL property.

The BaseURL property contains now: 'file://c:/lazarus/docs/doc-html/rtl'. The URL on a *nix might look like: 'file:///home/myhome/lazarus/docs/doc-html/rtl'.

Similarly change the BaseURL for the FCLUnits and LCLUnits help databases by replacing rtl by fcl rsp. lcl in the url.

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