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Same as setting

 Application.Title:='some text';

The title is shown differently on the various platforms.

Target file name

Set here the filename of the generated executable. If the file is relative it will be expanded with the project directory (.lpi file).


You can create forms on start of the project. This is the same as adding


lines to the code.

Note: The forms are automatically created, not automatically shown. They are shown if their 'Visible' property is set to true. For instance the form variable is set, so you can write 'Form1.Caption:='Some text';'. To show such a form add a line 'Form1.Show;' or 'Form1.ShowModal;'.


Main unit is Pascal Source

The main source is the root unit of a project. Typically this is the .lpr file. Set to true, if the main source is a pascal source.

Main Unit has Uses Section containing all Units of project

If this is enabled, the IDE will update the uses section whenever a unit is added or removed from the project.

Main Unit has Application.CreateForm statements

If this is enabled the IDE will add/remove Application.CreateForm(FormX, TFormX); statements for forms.

Main Unit has Application.Title statement

If this is enabled the IDE will add/remove Application.Title:='Some Text' statements.

Project is runnable

Project can be runned in the debugger.

Always build (even if nothing changed)

If disabled, the IDE checks before running for changes and if nothing changed will skip the compile step.