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Issues with 3.2.0 release candidates

This page is supposed to contain all issues discovered while testing release candidates and their status. Make sure to include information about the platform where the problem appears (if applicable). Once the issue gets resolved, you should strike it over and add number of SVN revision fixing it. If the revision number refers to a SVN repository different from "fpc" (i.e. "fpcbuild" or "fpcdocs"), include information about the SVN repository too.

Issues with 3.2.0-rc1


readme.txt typos

  • "Both these adresses are for mailing lists. If you're not subscribed," -- adresses should be addresses.
  • "order to make the compiler/rtl & IDE in a resonable time (eg <30 minutes)" -- resonable should be reasonable.


  • The Intel installer currently installs even if the command line utilities are not yet installed. This results in missing parameters in the generated /etc/fpc.cfg (even if they are installed afterwards; you have to reinstall fpc to regenerate fpc.cfg)
  • The Intel installer currently installs the man pages into /usr/local/man/[man1|man5] where they are not found. They should be installed into /usr/local/share/man/[man1|man5]. I reported here for 3.0.4:
    • A man page is installed for fp (text mode IDE), but there is no fp binary installed
  • The file "Getting Started (Intel).rtf": It contains numerous references to very old details, which makes it long and hard to check, what is relevant to recent systems. I would replace most of that by a link to an according wiki page. It also says, that you cannot compile 64 bit GUI programs with Lazarus, without mentioning the cocoa, Qt4 and Qt5 64 bit variants of Lazarus. Please note that this text is also displayed at the start of the installation.
  • The file "readme.txt"
    • It still has 3.0.0 as version number at several places.
    • It mentions the GNU debugger and not lldb
    • Many feature are not really relevant for macOS or even not available.
    • The QuickStart has some minor outdated stuff.
  • The file "whatsnew.txt"
    • News about 3.2.0 are missing

* not really a bug of fpc, but still a noteworthy issue: lazarus-cocoa does not build

    • fpc 3.2.0 comes with updated cocoa headers, which breaks building lazarus-cocoa. Bugtracker: (resolved with lazarus commits 62885 (trunk) and 62901 (fixies_2_0). Thanks to the Lazarus team.)


As tested on Ubuntu20.04 beta but not specific.

Testing instructions says run every binary. I am not familiar with all of them so I ran some with just '-h' as a parameter. All do have correct binary format but not all will accept that '-h', of those, most examined my '-h' and rejected it as an invalid parameter, thats OK. However -

  • unitdiff - does not support -h, crashes with bad input. OK with good input.
  • mkx86ins - crashes with bad input.
  • The readme.txt, faq.txt and whatsnew.txt all refer to previous version being 3.0.0 not 3.0.4. Maybe this is as intended but, for example, the whatsnew does have specific content for 2.6.0, 2.6.2 and 2.6.4.


  • The Go32v2 textmode IDE has no GDB due to builidng issues, reported by Pierre while uploading. Try to find old known working one?

Win32 and possibly others

Does not ship pas2js binary, but does ship a pas2js units directory?

ISO mode

* Assigning a character to a file variable leads to a runtimes error 104, whereas trunk works. See This has been fixed with commit 44301 to trunk and I expect that RC2 will have it.

Merge requests

  • r44127 needs to be merged to fix a Windows Registry Issue #36663.

Post RC1 merges