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The original FreeType was written in Pascal and it has been resuscitated and placed in Lazarus.


The new LazFreeType project is a part of Lazarus and is located in the directories:

lazarus/components/lazutils lazarus/lcl/lazfreetypeintfdrawer.pas

The old source code of FreeType itself can be downloaded from the lazarus-ccr in:


Example applications

Located in the Lazarus SVN


One needs to place the fonts; arial.ttf, timesi.ttf, verdana.ttf in the same directory as the executable or else set a path in the lazarus/examples/lazfreetype/mainform.pas unit to the font to use.




FreeType comes with two licenses from which you can choose the one which fits your needs best.

The FreeType License is the most commonly used one. Full text here:

It is a BSD-style license with a credit clause (and thus compatible with GPLv3 but not GPLv2).

The GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2.

For all projects which use GPLv2 also or which need a license compatible to the GPLv2.

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