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(expanded on list of planned features)
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* OpenAL
* OpenAL
* Newton Game Dynamics (http://www.newtondynamics.com/)
* Newton Game Dynamics (http://www.newtondynamics.com/)
* ODE (http://www.hypeskeptic.com/Mattias/DelphiODE/)
=== Optional Demos & Examples Package ===
=== Optional Demos & Examples Package ===

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Template:Lazarus Game Developers Edition

Target Features

  • IDE specific enhancements(project templates, compiler settings)
  • FPC4GBA, GameBoy Advance packaged binaries, libs & tools
  • FPC4NDS, Nintendo DS packaged binaries, libs & tools
  • 3 Major ports: Win32/64, Linux, Mac OS X
  • Out of the box cross-compiling to Windows from Linux & Mac OS X

Packaged 3rd Party Libraries

Packaged Headers

Optional Demos & Examples Package

Possible Future Additions

Other features and libraries may be added upon request, but will depend on compatibility with the Free Pascal compiler and the Lazarus IDE it's self.