Lazarus 0.9.24 release notes

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  1. commits: not ready
  2. log: svn log -r 10808:HEAD

LCL Major changes:

  1. win64 experimental version
  2. huge improvements in Carbon (details will come from Tom)
  3. huge improvements in Qt (details will come from Zeljko, Felipe and Paul)
  4. huge improvements in Gtk2 (details will come from Mattias and Andrew)
  5. Bitmap rework (details will come from Marc)
  6. Imagelist rework. Using win32 native imagelist (with returning valid win32 handle).
  7. Removed gnome widgetset
  8. Improvements in FpGuid widgetset
  9. New class TThemesServices (unit Themes) to support theming.
  10. New component THeaderControl

LCL Minor changes:

  1. Fixing various range check errors
  2. Publishing misc missed properties/events
  3. Various win32 PageControl improvements
  4. Drag/Drop fixes
  5. Cursor fixes
  6. Various WinXp themes improvements (new speedbutton and splitter look, fixes)
  7. DBGrid improvements
  8. Various improvements and fixes in file dialogs (save/open file dialog, select directory dialog)
  9. New application and form event OnDropFiles (details will come from Tom)


  1. debugging under mac osx
  2. improvements in codetools
  3. new IDE package - editor toolbar (details will come from Graeme)
  4. improvements in menu designer. it now works on win32
  5. modern icons in ide menu and some dialogs
  6. new build lazarus dialog look
  7. Ability to add xp manifest into windows executables (project options)